Sweet Pizza

Sweet Pizza - G R GeminSweet Pizza is the second novel from G R Gemin. Known for his award winning Cowgirl, Gemin’s second novel demonstrates the same engrossing narrative, well formed characters and heart warming storyline that ear marked her debut for success.

Gemin’s narrative centres around Joe who lives in South Wales. After school he helps out his mum in their family’s cafe. But. The cafe has seen better days, and his mum really, really isn’t enjoying running it. When Joe’s Grandpa becomes ill, mum decides it’s time to sell the cafe.

But for Joe the cafe represents so much more.

It’s a link to his Italian heritage – his great-grandfather set up the cafe when he arrived in Wales after escaping the war. As Joe sets about trying to persuade his mum to give it one last chance, he discovers many things – his passion for Italian cooking, the history of Italian immigrants in Wales … and an eclectic, friendly community in his home town.

Gwen’s narrative smoothly sweeps the reader through Joe’s ups and downs, his confusion at his mum’s lack of enthusiasm and the family discovery he makes.

Sweet Pizza is a remarkable novel, addictive reading … and we did enjoy that nod to Cowgirl near the end!


G R Gemin
Tom Cole
Nosy Crow

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