Superkitty versus Mousezilla by Hannah Whitty & Paula Bowles

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If you’re looking for a colourful picture book with a pack of crime fighting animal super heroes at the core then this is the book for you! Join the Sensational Superheroes, led by Superkitty, as they try to solve the mystery of missing food from the eateries of the Big City. Who has been stealing the sweets, the cheese and the fizzy pop?

Dressed in an array of humorous and vibrant costumes (think cheetahs in pink unitards, wildebeests in blue stars and bears in stripy trunks) the animals venture through the streets of the city investigating the mysterious disappearance of edibles in the area. From the beginning of the case, the superheroes jump to conclusions and believe they know who the culprits are. A mini army of rodents become the number one suspects. Superkitty, however, shows a thoughtful side and explains to his pals that you shouldn’t accuse without clear evidence! A clever twist in the plot leaves the heroes surprised, very sorry and reaching for forgiveness!

Hannah Whitty’s words take the reader on Superkitty’s adventure with the team. In and out of the shops and restaurants looking for clues. The shop keepers have all been cleverly named – giving adults as well as children an extra smile! There’s Mr Fizz, Mrs Appleton and Chef Roquefort – I won’t spoil it be telling you which shops they run! Paula Bowles’ illustrations are bright, eye-catching and portray both humour and detail. The animal superheroes and their emotions are perfectly captured in their surroundings on every page.

Superkitty versus Mousezilla really is a great read and one that sparks valuable conversation with youngsters about being hasty and throwing blame without having any proof!


Hannah Whitty
Paula Bowles
Simon & Schuster

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