Superkitty by Hannah Whitty & Paula Bowles

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superkittySuperkitty, from Hannah Whitty and Paula Bowles, is their picture book about believing in your own abilities. Showing that no matter your size, you can do anything that other people can do,  like becoming a superhero!

The story begins with Kitty who is fed up of answering the phones at the Sensational Superhero Agency and dreams of being one of the Sensational Superheroes. The others always leave Kitty behind as they don’t believe that a ‘cute little kitten’ can fight crimes and be a superhero!

But — when Kitty takes a call about a stolen dinosaur bone from Dr Fossil at the Big City museum; Kitty instantly grabs her mask and secretly follows the six superheroes through the Big City to help fight the crime and recover the dinosaur bone.

Kitty soon catches up with the criminal — Nefarious Norman — ‘the most devious and despicable dog burglar in Big City!’ It is then up to Kitty to use her special skills to get the dinosaur bone back safe and sound where it belongs!

Kitty shows herself to be a strong, determined and a smart female hero — because cute little kittens really can be superheroes too!

The illustrations by Paula Bowles are fun, bright and colourful. The story begins in the daytime and ends at night time. The night time spreads towards the end of the book are still full of fun, colour and character, despite them being darker.

Bowles’ illustrations are beautiful and full of detail — there is always something new and interesting to see. She brings the characters to life, giving them energy, character and a sense of fun.

Superkitty is a super fun, energetic picture book with an important message — and lots of girl power! Thumbs up to that! I enjoyed this one!

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Hannah Whitty
Paula Bowles
Simon & Schuster

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  1. Superkitty looks full of character. My daughter would have adored this when she was young.

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