Super Stan by Elaine Wickson & Chris Judge

The third instalment in the ‘Stan’ series by Elaine Wickson is an entertaining, light-hearted read with a super serious message at its core. This book will have you smiling and laughing as well as pondering the state of the globe today and what we, as individuals, can do to help bring about change. In this story we join Stan and his brother Fred on a double mission to see the once in a lifetime total eclipse AND save the world!

Inspired by celebrity Dr Alice Field (Feddup) and her TV show Plastic Planet, enthusiastic younger brother Fred wants to rid the world of its plastic and rubbish. Dressed as a pink prawn he sets about changing the world one step at a time because ‘the world should be made of world – not plastic’. A mission to raise funds to restore the town’s water fountain ensues in a bid to reduce the use of single use plastic drinks bottles. Alongside this, Fred leads a movement to encourage supermarket giant Spendall’s to reduce their use of plastic – a huge whale in a supermarket trolley speaks volumes to the masses here!

This book is packed with action. Alongside the environmental activist plot are several other tales successfully pieced together. The reader follows Stan on a quest to view the total eclipse of the sun, sees his leather jacket wearing Gran marry salsa dancing Tony D’Angelo, follows a radio competition run by DJ Gary Wrighty and Choons FM, meets world famous shadow hunter Roberta Macklin, listens to annoyingly irritating twin cousins Jayden and Kayden and drinks tooth-rotting sugar-filled brilliant juice. There is never a dull moment in Stan’s world!

Fans of Stan will be pleased to see the return of his engaging charts and diagrams scattered throughout the pages. Great for those reluctant readers! The ‘current mood’ detail along the edge of each page is also a fun touch and gives an insight into his emotions at each stage of the story.

So, if becoming a real life superhero appeals then this is the book for you! Help stop the world’s prawns eating glitter and the whales from becoming rubbish bins with Fred and Stan. Little changes by the many can have a big impact and we can all be a part of that.


Elaine Wickson
Chris Judge
Oxford University Press

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