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Stunt DoubleStunt Double, a middle grade novel from Tamsin Cooke, is a glorious action and adventure filled novel which takes its readers on an brilliant ride. It’s chock-a-block with plenty of twists and turns that even I didn’t see coming.

I’m pretty sure this is the first children’s book I’ve read featuring a protagonist who is a professional Stunt Double, and I love it for that. I also noted, and cheered, at the inclusion of both genders completing stunts brilliantly too.

Finn is a free running expert, a black belt in karate… and when the stars align he lands a plumb Stunt Double role in a huge blockbuster film. The scary, focused director Novak pushes Finn to his limits, testing his abilities in every conceivable way. Then, when they are filming on a remote location things start to take a more sinister turn.

I loved this twist in the plot, and for that reason I’m can’t say too much about it – I’d love you to have the same experience . Suffice to say it was completely unexpected and therefore deliciously enjoyable.

So many mysteries, so many characters who aren’t quite what they first appear – this novel has great depth, and a myriad of interesting characters and settings.

Very excited to note that the second book in the series, Stunt Double: Jungle Curse will be out in 2018.



Tamsin Cooke
Cover: Abeadev/
Oxford University Press

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