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Strictly No CrocsStrictly No Crocs from Heather Pindar and Susan Batori is a lively picture book with a cheeky sense of humour.

If you were holding your party in the jungle, which animal would you ban from coming? Zebra, wisely, has opted to stop the crocs coming from her party.

Crocs are not silly, oh no! They decide to go to the party in disguise – the perfect way to get close to all the animals in order to ‘eat everyone up!’ But. They kind of get distracted – the bouncy castle, the delicious cake & the games.

Zebra’s party turns out to be lots of fun indeed. In fact so much fun, that the crocs quite Strictly No Crocsforget why they came in the first place, until they walk home that is …

Strictly No Crocs – Pindar & Batori

Pindar’s narrative is witty and fun. It is wonderfully matched by Batori’s detailed illustrations, reminiscent of Quentin Blake due to her ability to capture cheeky characters. There’s plenty of fun details to observe on each page making Strictly No Crocs a picture book worth returning to again and again.


Heather Pindar
Susan Batori
Maverick Books

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