Stolen Girl

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stolen girlStolen Girl captures the emotions of just one girl who was a part of something much larger – 100,000 Australian children who were taken from their homes and have been referred to as the ‘Stolen Generation.’

The reader joins “the girl” as she wakes, again, to the sound of the bell at the children’s home. Her mind wanders to her life with her mother, to before, as she attempts to understand what is going on.

” ‘When am I going home?’ she asks.

‘You ain’t. None of us are,’ say the older girls.

This book both educates and tells a story with meaningful words and stunning illustrations. The beautiful illustrations capture the warmth of the girl’s home by the river and trees with her mother, and contrast it to the coldness of the dormitory where she sleeps. I love the way in which Trina Saffioti writes, the story flows smoothly towards the open ending which offers hope and promise. A metaphor for sure.

At My Book Corner I believe Stolen Girl really succeeds in communicating this important part of Australian history to children on a level which will hold their attention and aid their understanding. For this point alone it will become an important part of everyone’s book corner.

Anita Heiss’ review of Stolen Girl can be viewed here. You may also be interested in The Diary of Mary Talence.


Trina Saffioti
Norma MacDonald
Magabala Books

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