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Aaron Blabey seems to hit the nail firmly on the head when it comes to creating children’s picture books dealing succinctly with dilemmas children will either face, or see their peers facing. He achieves this without patronising his audience, in fact he injects just the right level of humour.

Stanley Paste is incredibly small. This leads to all sorts of problems, each one superbly illustrated to convey the various situations Stanley finds himself in. Stanley hates it … until Eleanor Cabbage joins his school. How’s that for a name?!

Eleanor Cabbage? Well she was just the tallest girl his class had ever seen. That led to problems too. United by their dislike of being called names, they form a friendship which provides each with the power to not care about the negative attention from others.

Stanley Paste is a multi layered book which is fun to read. It’s also a great lesson in empathy, friendship and acceptance.

Featuring Aaron’s trademark illustrations which lend quirkiness and humour to every page, this is a great one to add to your collection.

My Book Corner’s interview with Aaron Blabey can be found here.


Aaron Blabey
Aaron Blabey

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