Spotlight on: Bloomsbury Young Readers


A gorgeous bundle of Bloomsbury Young Readers were pushed through the letter box recently. And. Oh my, they are rather lovely.

I’ve spent plenty of time (HOURS!) listening to pupils read as they embark on the their reading journey. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to watch them grow with confidence AND find books they love. They are endlessly entertained by great illustrations and a story that goes somewhere. Does that make sense? They may be learning, but they yearn for engrossing, interesting stories… and that’s just what the Bloomsbury Younger Readers achieves.

A Tiger For Breakfast from Narinder Dhami & Christopher Corr (turquoise band) was the first one of the collection to leap out at me… pun most definitely intended as this tells the story of a tiger who tries to do lots of leaping. ~However, Reeta is always one step ahead of the hungry tiger – there’s no way she’s going to let him eat her and her family for breakfast!

The Ugly Little Swan from James Riordan & Brendam Kearney (turquoise band), Riordan has put a fun twist on this well-known tale.

Jack And The Jungle from Malachy Doyle & Paddy Donnelly  (purple band) features Jack who gets more then he bargained for when he accidentally kicks his ball over the garden wall. Beware -this book may contain tigers, giants and wolves!

Happy Birthday, Sausage! from Michaela Morgan & Felicity Sheldon (white band). One very keen sausage dog, two jealous cats and an impending birthday. Hmmm I wonder how those invitations mysteriously disappeared?! Uh oh!


A Guide to Bloomsbury Young Readers

Turquoise: 32 pages, approx. 750 words. Phonic phase 6.

Purple: 32 pages, approx. 1000 words. Phonic phase 6.

Gold: 48 pages, approx. 1250 words. Phonic phase 6.

White: 48 pages, approx. 1500 words. Beyond phonic phase 6.

Lime: 48 pages. approx. 1750 words. Beyond phonic phase 6.


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