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specsforrexSpecs for Rex is the latest picture book from the award winning author of Time for Bed, Fred!, the Irish author-illustrator Yasmeen Ismail.

The unique style of Yasmeen’s illustrations are a delight. Captivating, with a deceptive simplicity these pages are just wonderful to pour over.

Firstly, I love how Yasmeen easily interchanges the word glasses for specs – there’s something quite smiley about the word specs don’t you think?!

This is the story of a little boy who is feeling a little bashful on his first outing with his big round specs. The humour most definitely comes from Rex and his antics, Yasmeen has captured the cheeky behaviour and logic of a little one just perfectly. The sight of Rex running around the playground with a trail of toilet paper round his head had us in fits of giggles.

I loved this book!

Rex tries various fun disguises to hide his glasses, and in doing so … well, he kinda realises that those gorgeous red specs had there positive side too.

Specs for Rex by  Yasmeen Ismail

Yasmeen’s illustrations are just stunning; joyful, creative and wonderfully expressive.

Specs for Rex is perfect present material. Don’t forget to check out Time for Bed, Fred! too.


Yasmeen Ismail
Yasmeen Ismail

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