Sophy Henn – Best Book of 2017

Sophy Henn, picture book author and illustrator of the Pom Pom series, & Pass It On, selects her Best Book of 2017…

Nightlights - Lorena Alvarez2017 has been another amazing year for Children’s Books, so many wonderful offerings from writers and illustrators, old and new. To try and pick a favourite is impossible, but I will single one out for being mindblowingly beautiful and unlike anything I have ever come across before.

Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez is a stunning book about creativity and also deals with fear and insecurity, and we all know those worries can seem so much worse at night. Alvarez’s illustrations and rich palette carry you away into her ethereal nighttime world and her characters burst with personality. It’s not quite a graphic novel, though more than a picture book, but it is most definitely one to pore over.

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