Sonny And Me by Ross Sayers

sonnyandmeSonny and Billy are best friends.

Navigating the corridors of Battlefield High School together they take it all in their stride. From protecting each other from gangs to embracing Sonny’s coming out there is never a dull moment when they are around. Now that they’re fifteen and exams are on the horizon, they find out that their favourite teacher Miss Baird has suddenly left the school in a scandal. With murmurings of an affair and whisperings of murder, they are convinced she is innocent. Billy and Sonny decide to investigate only to get themselves deeper and deeper in trouble with their parents and the police as they unravel a web of blackmail and deceit sown deep into their community.

Sonny And Me is Ross Sayer’s second novel and as he enters the world of Young Adult readers and beyond, he has yet again grabbed the reader, pulling them into the story without them even realising it has them hooked.

As you make it through each chapter wondering what on earth the two friends are going to get up to next, you will laugh, cry and shout for joy at the journey they make. Written in a local Stirling accent, this book is a brilliant insight into the world of realistic choices made by those in so deep they can’t see any way out.

A breath of fresh air, Sonny and Me left me reminiscing about my school days and the nonsense that came along with being a teenager in working class Scotland.

A perfect cast within its pages, this book should be on every shelf of every teenage home and would make an excellent play or film depicting life among the angst of it all. Full of realistic ‘colourful’ language that represents the society he has created so well, Ross Sayers paints a fantastic picture of high school days and the relationships created within its walls.

Another 5 stars from me as Ross’s writing never fails to impress. On to Book 3 soon, I hope!

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Ross Sayers
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