Snooze by Eilidh Muldoon


The recipe for a good night’s sleep is different for every animal. Most owls sleep during the day when everyone else is wide awake so it’s hard for them to get some rest. With just the right amount of light and just the right amount of peace, maybe Owl will get to sleep after all…

With noisy neighbourhood geese, pecking woodpeckers, mewling cats and barking dogs, it’s no wonder Owl is exhausted. Join Owl and friends as they make their way through the ‘Helpful Guide for Sleepy Owls’. Too noisy? Too bright? Too cold? Too warm? Will Owl ever get to sleep! Be prepared for HONKS and BARKS and most of all SNORES!

Eilidh Muldoon has created a beautiful picture book where the illustrations jump off the page, urging the reader to find out what happens next with every delightful page turn. A fantastic picture book for all those sleepy owls who can’t get to sleep!


Eilidh Muldoon
Eilidh Muldoon
Little Door Books

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