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Smart About Sharks - Owen DaveySmart About Sharks, from author/illustrator Owen Davey is 40 glorious pages crammed with fascinating information about the intriguing shark.

The entertainment factor is high from the very first pages. Chapters such as ‘All Fins Considered’ and ‘Safe to Go Back in the Water’ are a brilliant way to spice up a Contents Page.

Bite sized chunks (sorry!) of factual information are presented in a manner which encourages engagement and interest levels. The information provided is nicely varied, enabling the reader to really delve into sharks in much more detail should they wish.

Smart About Sharks - Owen DaveySmart About Sharks covers information on their anatomy as well as a fascinating look at the different types of sharks. Intriguing information is presented about shark behaviour – from camouflage to hunting, to how they socialise. A thoughtful double page spread focuses on shark mythology, before Davey completes his book with a look at sharks from an environmental stand point and how we can help.

In true Flying Eye style, Smart About Sharks screams quality, from its embossed cover to the satisfying thick pages, making it a great gift.


Smart About Sharks is a truly fascinating and satisfying non-fiction tome that will pique interest, and leave the reader with plenty of new knowledge. Highly recommended.

Smart About Sharks - Owen Davey


Owen Davey
Owen Davey
Flying Eye

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