Sky Song

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Sky Song

Cover: Daniela Terrazzini

Sky Song from Abi Elphinstone is a beautifully rendered, magical adventure featuring the quietly confident Eska, and her initially reluctant side kick Flint. And let’s not forget the eagle – oh the eagle!!

Step into the snowy kingdom of Erkenwald. It used to be full of tribes who talked, helped and supported one another. Now. It’s not. The Ice Queen is slowly strangling all that was once great about the kingdom, the tribes now fight against each other – and separate they are powerless against the Ice Queen. But time is running out for the Ice Queen, and the tribes, it’s a race against time… one of them will loose. Forever.

But only one person truly has the key to unlocking the Ice Queen’s power and freeing Erkenwald from her icy grip. The problem is that our protagonist Eska has no memory, thanks to the Ice Queen, and her voice is fading, thanks to… yep, that Ice Queen’s curse.

After a dramatic rescue by inventive Flint during the opening of the novel, Eska slowly reconnects with nature. During a wonderful sequence of scenes, her owl Balapan quite literally takes Eska under her wing and teaches her to listen, respect and learn from nature. Eska, with her quietly strong and determined nature pulls through, and slowly as snippets of erased memories return and learns that she is the one that must save Erkenwald.

The result is an epic adventure involving glorious animals, magic and terror all wrapped up by Elphinstone’s beautiful prose. Mention must made of the fabulous array of characters populating the pages – Blu, the sister of Flint is a standout character who others underestimate, whilst the character of the Ice Queen is chillingly crafted – a superb villain alongside Slither.

Wonderfully imaginative, Abi Elphinstone’s Sky Song will sweep you up into its beautiful world and whisk you along on a heady adventure through fantastic worlds, heart thumping moments and thrilling scenes. Thunderghost anyone?!

What a fabulous start to 2018!



Abi Elphinstone
Daniela Terrazzini
Simon & Schuster

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