Sky Pirates: Echo Quickthorn and the Great Beyond by Alex English & Mark Chambers


A swash-buckling pirate adventure that takes place in the skies and across magical lands – come on a fabulous adventure with the Sky Pirates. You won’t regret it!

Echo and her sidekick Gilbert the gecko live within the confines of the castle with King Alfons and his son, Horace. Sounds great, right? Wrong. For a feisty girl with a thirst for adventure, for excitement and, well, simply ANYTHING other than this stuffy environment it’s torturous. What’s more the King, despite kindly taking in Echo when she was abandoned as a baby, appears to have a strong dislike for Echo.

Echo? She’s convinced her mum must be out there somewhere, she’s desperate to leave but – where would she go? Everyone knows there’s absolutely nothing beyond the confines of the Lockfort. Right? Right?

Full of fist pumping moments and lovely snippets of humour this is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

Alex English has a magical way with words, she writes beautifully in a way that pulls you into her carefully crafted world and gently takes you on the most magnificent adventure.

Sky Pirates is filled with intrigue, friendship and wonderfully imaginative worlds. I can’t wait to hop onboard the next one!


Alex English
Mark Chambers
Simon & Schuster

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