Skulduggery Pleasant – Kingdom of the Wicked

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Skulduggery Pleasant - My Book Corner

Book 7 in Derek Landy’s incredibly popular series marks the beginning of a third trilogy. Books 1-3 dealt with the Faceless Ones trilogy, Books 4-6 were the Necromancer trilogy.

Kingdom of the Wicked kick starts the Darquesse trilogy in a dynamic manner. Australia is incredibly lucky being able to enjoy this book a whole THIRTY-SIX days before everyone else.

So, in case you are reading this from up-over, no spoilers will be here. Just a few tiny hints, plus my unmitigated joy at how much I enjoyed Kingdom of the Wicked. That’s all.

Book 7 continues to follow Stephanie Edgley / Valkyrie Cain who existed as a normal teenage until Skulduggery Pleasant stormed in to her life, and saved it, following the death of her uncle. Together they have formed a unique partnership, fighting evil and many other strange occurrences spanning many books.

Skulduggery and Valkyrie have to deal with a group of teenagers who discover the rapid development of incredible powers following the onset of what first appeared to be a normal cold. Power, magic and control at their fingertips pushes them to places that Skulduggery and Valkyrie need to reach also.

Add a Dimensional Shunter in to the mix and Landy has us following a multi layered plot with some delightful twists and turns incorporating exciting surprises for die-hard fans … and I can’t say any more, yet, for fear of spoiling the experience of reading it for yourself.

Kingdom of the Wicked, like the Skulduggery Pleasant series as a whole, is carried along by Derek Landy’s tight grasp on character dialogue.

He’s just got it. Fast paced action and plot development is delivered through witty dialogue, which drives the plots forward with out insulting the reader’s intelligence.

Landy’s trade mark humour is ever present in this latest addition to the series. His dry sense of humour, largely conveyed via Skulduggery himself, will have you quietly chuckling as you breeze through the pages.


Derek Landy
Harper Collins

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