Sir Dancelot

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Sir DancelotSir Dancelot is probably not a bedtime story. At least not the way we read it. Don’t get comfortable. Get your boogie shoes on. Stick the cassette in the deck, because… ‘You should be dancing!’

And it goes a little something like this…

Sir Dancealot gets all the fearsome beasties to ‘Beat It’ when he ‘Jumps Around’. They ‘Blame it on the Boogie’. Then one day, a dragon comes along and he’s all like, “Yo Dancealot… U Can’t Touch This”. Then. It’s. On. They hit the ‘Ice Ice Baby’ for a skate off. Has Sir Dancealot met his match?

I won’t give too much more away. Suffice to say, there’s a beautifully subtle anti-violence message, and the lovely idea that your arch-rival could just be your most unlikely friend.

With such clever rhymes and toe tapping metre, it’s no surprise that ‘Sir Dancealot’ author Timothy Knapman, has in fact written texts for opera and song lyrics as well as plenty of other children’s books too.

As for the illustrations… Keith Robinson your homage to Dirty Dancing on the cover wasn’t lost on me. If only you could have snuck in an illustration of the dragon carrying a watermelon! Brilliant!

Keeping the world safe from threats, with perfect pirouettes. What a lovely idea.


Timothy Knapman
Keith Robinson

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