See Hear

See Hear

See Hear from Tania McCartney and Jess Racklyeft is the fabulous follow up to their successful Smile Cry. 

Piglet, Bunny and Cat are back . This time they are encouraging little readers and listeners to  have fun with two senses – seeing and hearing.

With gently lilting text McCartney’s narrative helps little ones pay attention to all the things they can see around them… from ‘squiggly rain’ and ‘lacy flutters’, to ‘flying feathers’ and imaginatively shaped clouds. You just have to look, and you’ll see.

SeeHear-InsideHalf way through the book, just as these three characters turn their attention to the sky, little readers are encouraged to FLIP the book upside down (love this!)… to discover wonderful things to hear.

The delicate, careful use of onomatopoeia is quite poetic. Fabulous phrases are given life  via Jess Racklyeft’s absorbing illustrations. Pages such as ‘carnival chaos’ and ‘popping snacks’ are filled with energy.

See Hear’s encouragement to look and listen, is a gentle piece of mindfulness for little ones.

What a joy!



Tania McCartney
Jess Racklyeft
EK Books

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