Scaredy Bat by Jonathan Meres & Anders Frang

Little Bat doesn’t like the light. He’s heard all about the Bogey Bat and other things that go bump in the day so he stays in the hollowed tree he calls home, only venturing out when it’s safe in the dark.

When Middle Bat and Big Bat keep calling him Scaredy Bat, Little Bat decides to be brave and venture out into the day. A world he’s never seen before, a world of light and colour and… shadows that loom! Can Little Bat spread his wings and leave the safety of the dark for somewhere bright and exciting?

Jonathan Meres & Anders Fangs’ Scaredy Bat is a tremendous story of bravery, sibling rivalry and daytime shenanigans by a nocturnal animal desperate to be something other than scared of the unknown. His play on light and dark capture the habits of bats perfectly and provide the reader with a laugh-out-loud perspective of animal life in the woods. Anders Frang has created genius illustrations that match the humour and tempo of the story as we follow Little Bat on his maiden voyage out into the world!


Jonathan Meres
Anders Frang
Little Door Books

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