Santa’s Suit

santa suit

Fun and quick witted Davide Cali’s Santa’s Suit is an entertaining read for Christmas.

It’s Christmas Eve. Santa starts looking for his suit – surely it must be here somewhere? Humour comes from his dog, Bobo, who’s responses will sound familiar to many house holds,

‘It’s exactly where you left it’

Hmm like many missing clothes, this outfit is eventually discovered in the washing basket … unwashed. Santa has been busy all year long how could he possibly have found the time to fix the washing machine! Bobo is not impressed.

Bobo replies continue to elicit humour, highlighting Cali’s wonderfully dry sense of humour, and of course it is this clever dog who finds a solution.

Davide Cali’s comic book style is perfect for emerging readers who will enjoy tackling the dialogue. Taking turns reading the two parts – Santa & Bobo – provides much fun.

Eric Heliot’s illustrations are jaunty and quirky providing additional humour as you delve in to this entertaining Christmas themed book.


Davide Calie
Eric Heliot
Wilkins Fargo

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