Santa’s High-Tech Christmas by Mike Dumbleton & Angela Perrini


Santa’s High-Tech Christmas is a Christmas story with a twist! Poor old Santa is having a tough time keeping up with the modern world. Those of us of a certain age will sympathise with him as he battles to keep up with gadgets and technology!

His sleigh is a new super duper edition – completely weatherproof and with a snazzy flip top roof. He now rides in comfort in his reclining seat and once parked uses his rocket pack to zoom to hard to reach places. He no longer has to rely on a paper list but all the information he needs is safely stored on his state of the art techno-pad. Or is it?

An unfortunate mishap involving the techno-pad leads to panic as the screen goes blank during delivery! How is Santa to continue without all the information stored on the tablet? Luckily, his next delivery is to Jasmin, a helpful, tech savvy girl who manages to help him quicker than he can say ho, ho, ho!

Whilst this humorous story makes the reader giggle along with Santa’s struggles it also has a lovely underlying theme of kind-heartedness and generosity. Both to be remembered by us all during the festive season.


Mike Dumbleton
Angela Perrini
New Frontier Publishing

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