Santa Post by Emma Yarlett


Santa Post from Emma Yarlett is adorable!! Full of Christmas cheer, fabulous dollops of humour and of course, those letters!

“There were only five sleeps until Christmas when…


Something fell down Santa’s chimney.”

The VERY late Santa post is a letter from Amy. A lovely bit of paper engineering means you can unfold Amy’s letter, and read it, and… discover a singed hole RIGHT at the spot where Amy says what she wants for Christmas. Ooops.

What’s Santa going to do?

Santa enlists the help of various people from Bobbin the elf to Mr Polar Bear. They each send a parcel to Santa, containing what they think Amy would like (cue more fabulous paper engineering, as readers get to open each parcel to reveal its contents).


…unfortunately Bobbin and Mr Polar Bear, aren’t quite experts a gift giving.

Will Santa come up with the perfect gift???

Santa Post, is a gorgeous story, the five Christmas parcels/envelopes which readers get to open are a lovely, interactive addition.

Santa Post is a wonderfully festive treat.



Emma Yarlett
Emma Yarlett
Walker Books

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