Santa Claude

Santa Claude - Alex T SmithSanta Claude is the latest instalment in the Claude series from the uber talented Alex T Smith.

Claude is back, ably accompanied by the hilarious Sir Bobblysock of course. Christmas, Sir Bobblysock and Claude = a perfect combination!

It’s Christmas Eve and as Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes have gone out for the evening, Claude snuggles down in his bed to read his brand new book – Cops and Robbers… whilst Sir Bobblysock carefully fixes curlers. Of course!

Reading such a book means that when Claude hears suspicious thumps and bumps downstairs he knows exactly what to do… and that is exactly how Santa Claus ends up being handcuffed to a chair in Claude’s house. Ooops!

A deliciously fun caper ensues as Smith portrays Claude and Sir Bobblysock attempting to complete Santa’s job on his behalf. But after a series of mishaps, there’s ten minutes to go, and they’ve only managed to deliver five presents. What will the duo do?

Smith’s rollicking fun narrative sweeps the reader along on a wonderfully festive and fun journey with his brilliant characters. The creative use of typography, and energetic illustrations help immerse the reader in to Claude’s world.

Fans of Claude are going to love his new adventure, and for those who haven’t discovered Claude yet… my they are in real for a treat.


Alex T Smith
Alex T Smith
Hachette Children's Group

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