Rory and the Monstersitter

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I love a picture book with a fabulous twist and a delicious sense of humour … Rosie Reeve’s latest, Rory and the Monstersitter, delivers on both counts.

Rory is a monster who loves to cook. His creations sound, urm, interesting. Hairy cupcake anyone?!

When Rory’s mum and dad head out for a night at the Cockroach Cafe, they leave the Monster sitter in charge. Rory’s stomach is rumbling so he decides to enlist the help of his siblings – Fangus, Lily & Baby Grub – to help him cook up something special.

The only problem is, the finished meal is lacking something special … something big and hairy …!! What happens when the monsters are still hungry in the next morning??

On the first read out loud, little listeners don’t see that twist coming or that fab ending! It certainly led to lots of giggles and a few gasps too. Subsequent readings are rewarded as they pick up on the little clues that are scattered in the narrative – perfect!

The gorgeous details of the vibrant illustrations also lend themselves to repeated viewings – cobwebs in the cupboards, those drawings on the wall.

Rory and the Monstersitter is lots of fun with a wicked ending!


Rosie Reeve
Rosie Reeve

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