Red Red Red by Polly Dunbar

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This fiery little picture book from Polly Dunbar is full of character and emotion – just like the majority of 3 year olds. You know it’s true!!

So when it’s been one of those mornings / afternoons / bedtimes… take solace in Red Red Red, and whip out this picture book for some good, entertaining reading.

Told in rhyme, Dunbar shows us the emotions beginning to steadily build in our little toddler from the beginning. All they want is a cookie from the jar but, it’s a bit too high and then the stool used to reach it topples over. Ouch! And from then on things go from bad to worse because NOTHING feels right. Socks, trousers they are all wrong. And then, in true toddler fashion our little one, overcome with emotion, sees RED.


It’s all perfectly natural and it’s all just down to little ones trying to deal with a sudden influx of thoughts and feelings, and just not knowing how to cope with them. Fortunately, Mum steps in with calm words, some steady calm counting… and order is restored.

I love that we hear the voices of mum and toddler here – it’s a great way to ensure we hear emotions from both sides. And that Mum is sublimely calm. Hats off!!

Red Red Red – allowing families up and down the country to breathe a sigh of relief!  1… 2… 3…


Polly Dunbar
Polly Dunbar
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