PunchInverness 1889, accused of starting a fire that destroys the market and the livelihood of many in the city, 12 year-old Phin runs for his life. Escaping the harsh hands of a bitter uncle and an angry mob of traders, he finds himself in-tow with a family of travelling entertainers.

Desperate not to be found out and tried for a crime he didn’t commit, Phin comes to terms with leaving his beloved city and accepts his new life with Professor Merriweather Moffat’s Royal Entertainment Show. He discovers that he has a talent for puppetry and learns to master the art of a ‘Punch and Judy’ show to welcoming crowds as they journey across Scotland.

Though Phin’s past will never let him truly be at peace, join him on his journey as he tries to escape the dark memories of his father’s death only for the truth to be revealed when he least expects it!

Another fast-paced page turner from Barbara Henderson. Punch, her second novel after her breathtaking debut Fir For Luck, confirms that Barbara’s painstaking research and enthusiasm for history, has created yet another spell-binding story for middle grade readers and beyond.


Barbara Henderson
Cranachan Publishing Limited

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