Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

Professor Astro Cat's Solar System

Dr Dominic Walliman & Ben Newman are back again with their very knowledgeable character, Professor Astro Cat.

Serving as a wonderful beginner’s guide to space,  Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System whisks its readers off on an exciting tour.

Each double page spread is dedicated Professor Astro Cat's Solar Systemto a different element from the sun, to mercury to asteroids and comets. Each of the main planets is covered – perfect for those who are space curious.

Newman’s clear and enticing illustrations dominate each page, clear call outs with white back ground make the digestible nuggets of  information from Walliman easy to find and enjoy.

You can exProfessor Astro Cat's Solar Systempect Flying Eye Book’s usual wonderful attention to detail. Beautifully thick pages, vibrant colours Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System is a gorgeous book to gift.


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