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Poppy Pickle by Emma Yarlett is a wonderfully fun picture book celebrating the imagination.

Poppy Pickle’s background is very, very ordinary. From her house, to her parents, to her cats … all are very ordinary.

However, there is something about Poppy that makes her far from ordinary,

‘Poppy Pickle was full to the brim with imagination.’

Sometimes that fabulous imagination leads poor Poppy, well, in to a bit of a pickle!

One such occasion gets her sent to her bedroom. What’s a girl to do went sent to her bedroom on her own? Well, fire up that imagination for sure! Glorious scenes unfold as Poppy’s imagination comes to life … literally.

Poppy has some great fun with this … who wouldn’t?! The pages come alive with Emma Yarlett’s eye popping colours as her character’s imagination conjurers up all sorts of magic.

It all starts to get a little hugely out of control, and with Mum and Dad charging up the stairs to find out what’s causing the huge noise … Poppy needs to do some damage limitation. Quick.

Yarlett’s Poppy Pickle is full of twists and delightful chaos, and rewards readers with a giggle inducing ending.


Emma Yarlett
Emma Yarlett
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