Pizza Cake and Other Funny Stories

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pizza cake - My Book CornerPizza Cake and other Funny Stories is a collection of good quality short stories with a little bit of everything, beginning with the fantasy of ‘Saving Ms Fosdyke’ where teachers earn a fortune and are traded round like footy players…

“Only the smartest, cleverest, most brilliant people get to be teachers.”

… could not resist putting that line in!

I really enjoyed ‘Draclia’, in particular the comments about ‘a world gone vampire mad’, too true!

I loved the tongue in check humour of Morris Gleitzman in this collection of stories. His writing contains an off-the-wall imaginative quality that appeals to his readers. Combined with sharp observations and clever use of language Pizza Cake and the remaining nine funny stories are highly entertaining.

Variety – that’s the key to Pizza Cake from Morris Gleitzman. Lots of short stories, fast, choppy and lots of variety – ideal for bedtime and for reluctant readers.


Morris Gleitzman

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