Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers

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Pirates Don't Drive DiggersPirates Don’t Drive Diggers, written by Alex English & illustrated by Duncan Beedie, is a humorous picture book about a frustrated pirate. Why can’t everyone just understand that he just wants to drive a digger?!

Pirate Brad is growing up. His dad is really quite keen that he joins a proper pirate crew, ‘to learn what pirates do.’

Pirates Don't Drive Diggers - Alex English

However it seems that poor Brad just really wasn’t built that way. Shouting and fighting are not his thing. When he climbs aboard the Salty Dog, captained by the fierce Captain Blood, things just get worse. He muddles East with West, hides during the big fight, then drops the cannon ball leading to an awkward yet giggle inducing encounter.

Now Brad does get his moment. It involves his last chance, a treasure map and a site manager who really isn’t sure about letting a pirate on one of his diggers …

Pirates Don't Drive Diggers - Alex English

Alex English’s jovial narrative spins a humorous tale which both pirate & digger lovers will adore. Duncan Beedie’s illustrations are wonderfully lively too, adding more energy and humour.

‘A pirate’s live is not for me,

I want to drive a digger, see.’


Alex English
Duncan Beedie
Maverick Books

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