Pirates In Classroom 3

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Pirates In Classroom 3Pirates in Classroom 3 is the latest picture book from writer Alison Donald (The New LiBEARian), teaming up with illustrator Ben Whitehouse.

When Ms Bitsy steps out of classroom 3, who would have thought that a pirate would arrive? Captain Calamity is searching for the treasure, which he must get to before Pirate Bloodloss. The Captain’s map shows that the treasure can be found – in classroom 3.

With much excitement the children rummage, burrow and sift through EVERYthing. What follows is a wonderful imaginative sequence of events, which I enjoyed immensely, as the class pull together to uncover the treasure… with a few surprises on the way. Ms Bitsy is a hero, as are all great teachers!!

Donald’s narrative is full of pace and imagination, something which Ben Whitehouse brings out with aplomb. His illustrations are bright, lively and imaginative as they capture the excitement.

Pirates in Classroom 3 is a fun piratey picture book.


Alison Donald
Ben Whitehouse
Maverick Books

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