Perfectly Norman

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perfectlynormanI love finding books which celebrate difference and encourage children to be proud of who they are. Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival is one of these!

‘Norman had always been normal, perfectly normal… until the day he grew a pair of wings!’

At first, Norman finds having wings is the ‘MOST FUN EVER’. But soon he becomes worried about what others will think and decides to cover them up with a ‘great big coat’. Will Norman hide his wings away forever, or will he find the courage to show his wings to the world?

Tom Percival is very clever with his use of colour in this book. On many of the spreads, the illustrations are black and white, apart from Norman’s yellow coat. This is really effective in portraying Norman’s feelings of insecurity throughout the book. When Norman is feeling happy and at ease, the pages are full of colour bouncing off the pages.


Perfectly Norman is a heart-warming and sensitive story, and the perfect book if you have a child who worries. It will help reassure them that there is no such thing as perfectly normal.

Dare to be different!


Tom Percival
Tom Percival

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