Perdu by Richard Jones


Right from the atmospheric opening page, readers are whisked into the world of Perdu. A gorgeous black dog – lost, alone with no belongings apart from an old red scarf. This one certainly stirs up the emotions!

This is the story of a dog who wants to feel that it belongs… somewhere. When Perdu’s eye catches sight of a spinning leaf, following it seems the best course of action. And so Perdu follows it through the woods in to the city when the ground feels different and everyone seems to have somewhere to go, somewhere they belong.

What follows involves a cafe, a child, a disaster of misunderstandings and a lost scarf… and whilst I can reassure you of a happy ending, the exact nature of it I shall leave for you to discover and enjoy.

Perdu is an exquisite tale beautifully told, with lyrical text which tugs on ALL the emotions. Loved spotting a lovely big nod to The Snow Lion in there too!

Come and have a behind the scenes look at how Richard created Perdu, over here. 




Richard Jones
Richard Jones
Simon & Schuster

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