Penguin in Love

Penguin In LovePenguin in Love,  text and illustrations by Salina Yoon, is a heart-wrenchingly beautiful picture book about a penguin searching for love in an icy wilderness. The simple, emotional and engaging first line grabbed me by the heart-strings:

“One day, Penguin was looking for love.”

With bold, cute illustrations by writer-illustrator Salina Yoon, it tells the story of a knitting Penguin roaming around to find love, but finds a lost mitten instead. This then leads to him searching for the mitten’s owner, talking to his many friends and relatives about it (with lots of funny jokes along the way), including his little friend Bootsy. She is a penguin who loves to knit too, to keep all her seal, whale and penguin friends warm in the cold, icy arctic.

I won’t spoil the ending, but suffice to say this book is a wonderful treat, especially if you’d like your little ones to learn a lesson about how you can find true love and friendship right in front of you if you look hard enough.

I adored this book and, as it’s 48-pages, it’s a slightly longer picture book so you can really get into telling the story over a longer period whilst reading it with your children.


Salina Yoon
Salina Yoon

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