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Owl Know How - Isobel Knowles & Cat Rabbit



Owl Know How is the picture book creation of two award-winning artists, Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles. It is the delightful story of the inhabitants of Cloud Town, who must very quickly solve the problem of branches poking through the clouds .. a natural hazard of such a habitat I guess?!

Owl Know How centres around the two characters Cornelia Rabbit and her best friend Orvi. With a simple sentence or two on each page Cat and Isobel take us through Cloud Town’s dilemma and how they eventually solve the problem of their town sinking in to the trees. Ingenuity, team work and Corneila’s love and knowledge of owls all lead to the hatching of a rather unique plan.

The gorgeously soft aqua blue is the perfect backdrop for Cloud Town and its inhabitants. However this is not your average town, nor are the inhabitants average either. They have ALL being lovingly created at the hands of Cat Rabbit, a talented artist in her own right with quite a cult following. The characters, with painstaking attention to detail, have all been hand crafted out of felt. The visual appeal of this picture book is not to be underestimated. Young (and old) readers will take much delight in examining the details on each page. Cornelia’s front room is just too cute, and even features a little felt book case complete with an array of books.

It’s worth noting that Orvi just happens to wear a rather cute pair of glasses too, perfect.

The inclusion of a pattern and instruction to make your own owl means it won’t be long before kinders, classrooms and homes adopt this book due to the abundance of inspiration and activities that come bounding from its pages.

From the same duo – Too Much For Turtle.


Isobel Knowles & Cat Rabbit
Isobel Knowles & Cat Rabbit
Thames Hudson

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