Otto The Book Bear In The Snow

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Otto The Book Bear In The SnowOtto is back! In a follow up to the adorable Otto The Bear, Katie Cleminson has created a snowy adventure for the book loving bear – Otto The Book Bear In The Snow.

Otto lives in a book, on a shelf in the library, with his friend Ernest. They pop out of the book at night, along with characters from all the other books tucked onto the shelves. Otto and Ernest are feeling the excitement building – the winter party is happening soon, and all the preparations have begun.

Ernest and Otto are quite happy when a lovely family takes them home to read. But. They know the party is approaching very soon. When they see their family go on holiday, they are more than worried that they will miss the winter party at the library. If only they can get themselves back there…

Otto and Ernest try many things – postboxes and dogs all come into play, as Cleminson narrates their journey in a simple yet mesmerising manner. Will they make it back in time?

Cleminson’s soft illustrations beautifully convey the magic of the snow, the city lights and the cosiness of the library. Cleminson’s narration creates quite the adventure for the little book bears. Otto The Book Bear In The Snow is a gentle story with a gentle heart – perfect for book loving bears!


Kate Cleminson
Kate Cleminson
Penguin Books

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