Otherland by Louie Stowell


Myra and Rohan lives have been intertwined ever since they were both born on the same day, then died – briefly!

They always link up for birthdays, albeit reluctantly due to the chaos that Myra tends to be bring with her. Rohan is far too sensible for such shenanigans. But, their latest birthday is going to be far more, urm, unexpected than either of them could ever have imagined.

When Shilpa, Rohan’s baby sister, goes missing (whilst the families are distracted by a fire, oops!), it’s not long before Rohan and Myra discover she has been stolen and taken to Otherland. They must get her back, and the only way to do it? Complete the three VERY tricky challenges set by the Fairy Queen of the underworld.

Hold on to your seats, as this wonderfully fast-paced adventure unfolds beautifully in a fairy land quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

As Rohan and Myra journey through their quest, meeting an eclectic myriad of characters along their way, I love how their complicated relationship develops – all played out via great dialogue. Meanwhile Myra herself is tackling complicated feelings about her and her mother – giving an intriguing, heart-felt layer to their story.

Otherland is an fantasy adventure novel, filled with tension and drama, dancing fairies and a magic sword!

It’s brilliant!


Louie Stowell
George Ermos
Nosy Crow

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