Origami, Poems and Pictures

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Origami, Poems and Pictures

Children’s book publisher Nosy Crow, have teamed up with the British Museum to launch a new collection of books… this stunning one caught my eye.

Origami, Poems and Pictures celebrates three Japanese art forms giving it more depth and breadth than your average activity book.

The book contains instructions for folding 13 different origami models, with a beautiful selection of papers to make them from.

What I love is how each origami model is given purpose and meaning.

Opposite each set of instructions, on a full glossy page, is a related painting (from the collection at the British Museum). There’s even a haiku for each one – there’s endless teaching opportunities here! I love how the name for each model is also written in Japanese script. Origami, Poems and Pictures screams attention to detail, and the result is wonderful.

The difficulty level varies – the fan will be one most people can manage, then there are some wonderfully intricate ones dotted in there too. That horse took a bit of concentration! Perfect for a challenge.

Origami, Poems and Pictures is an activity book full of thought, and imagination – a wonderful window into Japanese culture.


Nosy Crow
Nosy Crow

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