Operation Eiffel Tower

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Operation Eiffel Tower - Elen Caldecott

Operation Eiffel Tower is an intriguing story from Elen Caldecott. She writes from a child’s point of view with skill, humour and empathy.

From the beginning the arguing between Jack’s mum and dad has already begun to worry him. He knows it’s not right, and he senses that it is only getting worse.

When Dad leaves home, to give his mum some space, Jack and his siblings hatch a plan.

Paris is romantic isn’t it?

Then that is what their parents need, a trip to the Eiffel Tower. Now they just need to raise the money. Then everything will be all right again … won’t it?

Caldecott portrays Jack, his two sisters, and younger brother as they hatch a plan, capturing more than a few quirky characters as their ideas gain momentum.

The author writes skillfully from Jack’s view point as he attempts to negotiate his way through a difficult family time. She manages to capture his emotions without the story being too heavy, and with a plot that zips along at a comfortable speed.

Caldecott is to be commended for the way in which she uses each of the siblings to show a different reaction to break up – because we aren’t all the same. In real life, emotions and reactions to something startling will always vary.

Operation Eiffel Tower is a thoroughly enjoyable chapter book, featuring a likeable male protagonist and a fast moving plot.


Elen Caldecott

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