Open Very Carefully

Open Very Carefully - Book Review


I love a picture book filled with good humour and wit; Open Very Carefully by Nick Bromley & Nicola O’Byrne is very, very entertaining.

Imagine you are trying to retell that classic story, The Ugly Duckling, then from behind the book pops a scaly tail, a tail that belongs to a crocodile … well that really is annoying.

And it’s only just beginning …

What do you do when that same crocodile starts to eat the letters … the words … then even the sentences??? This may seem very annoying, but I love how the tables are turned and we have some fun with the pesky intruder …

Crocodile sleeping + pink crayon = a very funny mess!

Nick Bromley uses a great technique of positioning a great number of questions through out the pages – this is great for interaction, and encourages little readers to use the pictures to inform their understanding.

The text dances around the pages, helping to convey the vibrancy and pace of this picture book, a fab touch.

… and you know what? It’s not just iPads that need to be tilted in order to take the story further. Love that Bromley and O’Byrne have employed these ‘hi-tech techniques’ on the great picture book. Fabulous fun!

Open Very Carefully is a wonderfully entertaining picture book with plenty of unpredictable twists and turns … and that fab ending.


Nick Bromley
Nicola O'Bryne
Nosy Crow

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