One by Sarah Crossan

One by Sarah Crossan is a touching YA novel from a wonderfully unique voice. Crossan’s verse novel tells the moving story of Grace. Grace has a wonderful sister called Tippi. They are twins. Conjoined twins, about to face a life changing decision.

Grace and Tippi have been homeschooled for their entire lives, but funding issues force their parents to enrol them in school. It’s the beginning of a huge journey for both of them.

Grace and Tippi are quickly befriended by the wonderfully quirky, pink haired Yasmeen and the down to earth Jon. However this doesn’t stop the stares, comments and general uneasiness emanating from their other classmates. The four form quite a team.

Crossan writes from Grace’s point of view. She is keenly aware of the pressures their condition has put on the rest of their family. Her mum works all hours, her dad is still coming to terms with redundancy whilst failing to come to terms with his unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Their younger sister Dragon lives in their shadow, also taking on a job to support the family. She lives for dancing ‘She dips and dives, her body a fountain’ but the stresses and strains of family life are beginning to take their toll both physically and mentally.

One is a totally absorbing novel written in verse, Crossan tackles a complicated subject with her unique writing style. Ultimately, reading Crossan’s narrative is a real pleasure. An absolute treat. Full of wonderfully quotable lines she truly harnesses the power of words on each and every line.  Not a single syllable is wasted.


Sophia Kinsella

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