One Christmas Wish

One Christmas WishKatherine Rundell (The Wolf Wilder, Rooftoppers) and Emily Sutton’s  (LotsOne Christmas Wish is heart thumpingly beautiful, tender and uplifting.

It is THE book to gift on Christmas Eve. Without a doubt.

‘It was Christmas Eve, and Theodore was fighting a cardboard box.’

…and so the story begins. Theo is alone, apart from a snoring babysitter. His busy parents are too busy to decorate the tree with lights that work, or buy a turkey or… spend time with Theo. But this strange box, filled with musty smells and four decorations, become the key to Theo’s most magical and enchanting evening.

A rocking horse, robin, tin soldier and an angel, once nestled at the bottom of that box, come alive…

‘I think we woke to do whatever it is you need.’

It turns out that each decoration needs a little help of their own – the robin would love to learn to sing, the angel wings have seen better days and the tin soldier’s drum… it’s VERY rusty.

During a magical night, conveyed through Rundell’s most lyrical prose, Theo helps each of his new friends find their wishes. The story is beautifully conveyed, with plenty of wonderful lines filled with humour (see the end for my favourite) and kindness.

Emily Sutton’s illustrations are peppered throughout. The occasional full double page spread is popped in, each one guaranteed to make you gasp. The richness of the colours, the attention to detail and the carefully conveyed atmosphere are all just wonderful.

Reminiscent of both The Snowman and Gorilla whereby a young child takes a magical dream like journey during the night, One Christmas Wish has a wonderfully distinctive tone and feel.

With its emphasis on kindness and friendship, One Christmas Wish is a featured title on our carefully curated collection of Best Christmas Books for Children.

‘I don’t know how you explain singing. It’s just something that happens. Like dancing. Or farting.’


Katherine Rundell
Emily Sutton

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