Oh No, Bobo! by Donna David & Laura Watkins

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How cute is little Bobo? A bundle of fluffy, orange fur with big, round eyes. In this heart-warming story by Donna David and Laura Watkins, the baby orangutan explores the sleepy world of the jungle around him in a quest to find the perfect pillow.

One night, Bobo struggles to get to sleep, his branch is just not comfortable. No matter which way he turns he just cannot settle into dreamland. So Bobo has an idea, he gets up and swings off into the trees to find himself something cosier to snuggle up in. As he journeys through the layers of the tropical forest he bumps into some jungle friends. Friends with thick fur and comfy feathers. He yanks, pulls and plucks from their soft, snuggly coats – perfect pillow material for a comfy night’s sleep. The animals and birds are not impressed. Bobo has taken from them without asking and without listening to their requests to stop. The cheeky orangutan however, gets a taste of his own medicine when he meets a larger creature on the forest floor – a creature who is also having difficulty sleeping and is searching for a soft pillow too – super soft just like Bobo and his fur! Bobo finds out what it is like to have his personal space invaded and he doesn’t like it.

The story ends with Bobo finding the perfect sleep companion. A pillow that is warm, cuddly and loving. What or who could it be?

Bobo’s jungle is beautifully depicted in the book through Laura Watkins’ glorious illustrations. A gorgeous array of green, purple and blue tints and tones spill onto each page and provide the perfect backdrop for the action in the story. Oh No, Bobo! is already a favourite in our house at bedtime!

Donna David is a featured author in our Journey to Publication series, read it here. 

‘Oh No, Bobo!’ is released on 21st April. Pre-order a signed copy (with FREE postage) from the beautiful Button and Bear bookshop.


Donna David
Laura Watkins
QED Publishing

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