Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth

Here We Are: Oliver JeffersIt’s always such a treat when a new Oliver Jeffers’ book pops up, it was even more of a treat to hear the man himself read this book and tell us the touching story behind it.

When Oliver’s son was born, and they took him on that first furtive journey home from the hospital, it struck the new father how his son knew nothing. Absolutely nothing. Everything was brand new. It needed some explaining – of course. What began life as a letter to his son, evolved into this touching picture book, Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth.

‘Welcome to this planet.

We call it Earth.’

The tour encompasses the land and sea, space and animals. With typical Jeffers humour, he includes an all important point to remember about our bodies…

‘Look after it, as most bits

don’t grow back.’

Jeffer’s trademark handwriting, and attention to detail means his latest picture book is a delight to pour over, as he manages to deftly combine humour and sentimentality at just the right levels.

With heartfelt messages of looking after each other – in all our different shapes & sizes –  and our planet, Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth has a wonderful, timely impact.

This is the kind of picture book you snuggle up and read at bedtime with your little ones, then turn to give them a huge hug.

Another sure-fire hit from Oliver Jeffers.




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