Not Yet A Yeti

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notyetayetiGeorge is not like anyone else in his family.

They all have BIG feet, BIG hands, LONG legs and a SCARY roar. George has none of these things. When will George become a yeti? Does he really want to leave ginormous footprints in the snow or make people shake with fear when he walks by?

George decides that maybe he doesn’t want to be a yeti after all…

Lou Treleaven’s words along with the colourful images created by Tony Neal take the reader on a heart-felt voyage of discovery. George, like so many children out there, perhaps feel they are different from others in their family unit.

Not Yet A Yeti is an excellent tale of no matter who or what you are, your family will always love and support you. Whether you’re a yeti or a unicorn!


Lou Treleaven
Tony Neal
Maverick Arts Publishing

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