Murder At Twilight – Fleur Hitchcock


Cover: Robert Ball

Murder At Twilight is the most perfect ‘read under the covers by torchlight’ kind of novel. It’s deliciously atmospheric, full of twists and nail-biting moments. Clear your day – you’ll be hooked!

Viv lives with her Mum in the grounds of the Belcombe family’s huge estate. Mum’s job is to look after the Belcome’s one and only precious son Noah. It has been her job for years, ever since Viv and her Mum arrived from Singapore in fact. It all began well, but as Noah and Viv grew older, as their different personalities emerged and Noah went off to a much more exclusive school… well, let’s just say there’s a lot of tension between the two of them. The opening chapter sees Viv punching Noah hard enough to make his nose bleed whilst being driven to school by her mum, and Noah sending a mean threatening message in response.

But. That’s the last time Viv sees Noah. It’s the last time Mum sees him. Noah disappears from school halfway through the day, and with a car covered in blood splatters, Mum is the prime suspect.

The dark, cold and desolate estate of the Belcombe’s is made even more so by the harsh winter rains descending on the county – if Noah is alive, and out there – can he survive?

Meanwhile, Viv is left alone whilst her Mum is being questioned at the police station. The estate Viv lives on is surrounded by police, by Noah’s sobbing parents and everyone is doing what they can to search for Noah. But they’re not getting anywhere… until Viv makes a startling discovery.

Fleur Hitchcock’s narrative creates a wonderfully satisfying shiver-inducing setting that’s just perfect for her plot to unfurl. I love how the plot carefully gathers momentum, and the pace builds in an exciting manner as the novel hurtles towards its conclusion.

Murder At Twilight contains just the right amount of thrills and suspense for a pre-teen read from an author who has quickly established herself as an expert in this genre.


Fleur Hitchcock
Cover: Robert Ball
Nosy Crow

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  1. The demand for high action, dark adventures appears to be growing at my school. I’m regularly met with demands for the scariest, darkest book that I can lay my hands on. ‘Murder in Midwinter,’ by Fleur Hitchcock is always a go to book, that comes with a warning, ‘not for the easily scared,’ and I can confirm that her latest book, ‘Murder at Twilight,’ is another dark and dangerous adventure. When Viv’s arch-enemy the spoilt Noah goes missing and spots of his blood in her Mum’s car lead to a false charge, she knows she must endeavour to uncover the truth. Little does she know that she is about to get caught up in an deadly conspiracy in her hunt for Noah, leading to a terrifying chase that could have fatal consequences. Fast-paced, thrilling and filled with numerous twists and turns, this edge of your seat adventure will satisfy the most ardent of murder mystery fans.

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