Mrs Mole, I’m Home

Mrs Mole, I’m Home - JarvisEver had that moment where you’ve lost something? Something really essential, and you just know it must be close by. Really close? Welcome to Morris Mole’s day in Mrs Morris, I’m Home! the latest picture book from Jarvis.

Morris Mole has had a terribly long day, he’s feet ache and he just wants to get home to Mrs Mole and his children. The problem is he can’t find his glasses. Anywhere. He’s travelled the same route home plenty of times before, so surely a simple thing like a missing pair of glasses combined with a mole’s typically poor eyesight won’t be a problem? Mole burrows away and announces, ‘Mrs Mole, I’m home!’ to a varied range of startled animal families that had us giggling through the pages. The rabbits weren’t impressed, and the crocodiles started licking their lips… oops!

Does Mr Mole make it home in one piece?… and you’ll never guess where those glasses where all along. Personally I’ve never done that. Never. Not at all. Honest.

Mrs Mole, I’m Home is an enjoyable picture book from Jarvis – plenty of quirky twists and turns, all served with a charming sense of humour. Jarvis’s illustrations are warm and rich, and even feature a map… got to love a book map.


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