Mozzie and Midgie

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Mozzie and Midgie

Mozzie and Midgie is the creation of much loved Australian author Doug Macleod and established visual artist Sandy Okalyi.

This is a story which tackles self-esteem and individuality with the help of two great characters. Mozzie and Midgie are two spoonbills who were getting on with things quite nicely until a rather rude parrot squawks,

“There’s nothing beautiful

or special about you.”

To overcome their sadness Mozzie hatches a series of comical plans in an attempt to change their appearances. The plot involves the observation of a series of fabulous animals from the region – soldier crabs, octopus and crimson bellied flying fish – all of whom help Mozzie and Midgie adopt a different look.

Of course, it is mum who comes along in the end to point out the obvious – with a great bit of humour. Plus it’s safe to say parrot isn’t allowed to get away with its rudeness either – a great ending which I urge you to discover for yourself.

Sandy Okalyi’s illustrations are a real highlight of this picture book – her depiction of the spoonbills is simply yet incredibly effective. We loved the fish scales page, it drew many giggles – the gorgeous colour and wide eyes certainly contributed to that response!

With several sentences on each page, this is suitable for those ready for a slightly more detailed picture story. The story pattern encourages young listeners to enjoy predicting Midgie’s response to each each of Mozzie’s ideas.


Doug Macleod
Sandy Okalyi
Working Title Press

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