Moon Rabbit

moon rabbit

A warm and tender story about friendship, told with a delicate calmness.

Moon Rabbit has an almost serene feel to it – the flowing prose and those magical illustrations pull you into the comfort of a wonderful story about friendship.

Little rabbit loves the hustle and bustle of her city life, but when the day draws to a close, and the night draws in she suddenly feels more than a little bit lonely. Imagine her delight when she discovers, in the park, some beautiful music … and the source of the music … why, a brown rabbit and the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

A slightly longer narrative makes this a perfect bedtime story for slightly older listeners, due to Natalie Russell’s ability to pen a eloquent tale.

Russell’s illustrations are a joy to marvel over – featuring a beautiful palate of warm colours, and some fabulously evocative cityscapes.


Natalie Russell
Natalie Russell

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